Frameless tube stand. Code: X1203

Frameless holder stand is designed for flat surface, the base can be dipped. It is possible to combine the various parts. For base:

Tube diameter of Ø8 mm and a lower part - Ø12 mm.  Standard lengths: 330 to 510 mm; 580 to 1010 mm; 830 to 1510 mm or 1200 to 2,000 mm.
The top of frame holder depending on version: T-piece (Code: X1236) Flexible angle & frame Fastener. (Code: 101355). And Frameless holder pocket, 1 mm (105609), A4 and A5.

Extendable Tube Stand. Code: X1202


It is possible to combine the various parts.


  • Plastic frame (X1211) or
  • Transparent plastic frame (X1212).

1.1. With or without PVC poster protector (X1214).

2. The top of Frame Holder could be with T-piece or flexible angle.

3. Aluminum extendable tube (X1243), standard lengths:

  • 330-510mm,
  • 580-1010 mm,
  • 830-1510 mm or
  • 1200-2000 mm.

4. Base options: