One section multipurpose brochure holder. Code: 105300



Holder is suitable for displaying advertisement and information sheets. Holder is suitable for A6 or C6 (A4 folded in half twice) sized sheet. On the back are screw holes for hanging on the wall. If brochure holder is used as Table-top holder - it used with a special stand.

Available sizes: A4, A5, A6 

Two sections side by side multipurpose brochure holder. Code: 105105

Code 105105_NEW




Available size: A5

Four sections side by side multipurpose brochure holder. Code: 105301

Four sections side by side Table-top or Wall-mounted Brochure Holder. Code 105301

Retainer for Multipurpose Brochure Holders. Code 105401

Avalaible size: A6

If Brochure Holder is used as Table-top Holder – it used with special stand. 


Two sections multipurpose brochure holder. Code: 105303

Available size: A5

Three sections multipurpose brochure holder. Code: 105304

Available sizes: A5, A6

Four sections one behind the other multipurpose brochure holder. Code: 105108


Available size: A4

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