2-sided indoor stand with hooks for posters and signs -TOTEM 2xA2. Code: 6449

Totem flyer2

Example of info sign

Totem flyer2Totem flyer2

Poster pen, pen cleaner and 2- sided board

83311972 - 8300248 + 8300220

8311972 Liitutaulu A2 musta

Material: powder coated steel. Color: all RAL colors available. For 2x A2 posters or plastic covers. Size of the tube 10x 40 mm. Additionally available to order info sign for TOTEM, two-sided with logos, slogans etc. Also customized shapes and colors.

You can order also 2- sided board (M1972), 10mm/15mm poster pen (M0248) and 750 ml poster pen cleaner (M0220).

2-sided indoor stand for posters. Code: 6372

For A2 poster. Height: 1650 mm.

Outdoor stand for posters.


9182161_ulkojulisteteline50x70_valkoinen 91821769182209_ulkojulisteteline50x70_keltainen    9182240_ulkojulisteteline50x70_punainen9182232_ulkojulisteteline50x70_musta-

Material: powder coated steel. Color: all RAL colors available. 2- sided with hinged. Available with customer logos. Available sizes: 500x 700 mm, A1 or 700 x 1000 mm.

Wire counter stand.



Material: stainless steel. Color: reflective. Heights:

150 mm - code: 9182317

250 mm - code: 9182318

Swinging holder for shelves. Code: 9182315


Bottom of the product there are magnet tapes, that fix the product on a metal surface. Includes pocket clip.

Counter stand SS.


6268_6269_6270 Palvelujalusta RST

Material: stainless steel. Sizes:

30x100 mm - code: 6268

30x150 mm - code: 6269 

30x200 mm - code: 6270

Holder for acrylic poster cover. Code: 241222


Suits well to hold Poster cover (241220). With two magnetic strips.

Indoor stand, telescopic. Code: 9415196

Mustika Prisma_2-s

Material: powder coated steel. Color: all RAL colors available. Maximum height is  ±3000 mm and minimum height  ±1700 mm. Suitable for posters and plastic pockets up to width 594 mm, height 1800 mm. Perfect for A2 poster.

J-profile for info plates.


Material: steel. Color: all RAL colors. Suitable for plates up to 5 mm thick. Available with adhesive or magnetic tape.