Magnetic holder with hooks. Code: 101325-1


Magnetic frame (for banner, poster) holder (with two adjustable suspension and axle). Frame (poster) holder for attaching on metal surfaces. You can pivot by 180° plastic base with 4 magnets which is suitable for 8 mm diameter tubes. The magnet carrying capacity - max. 10 kg.

Adhesible product holder, 50x50 mm, adhesive 29 mm. Code: 103304

Transparent holder with peg hook punch which has a glue strip. Holder width is 50 mm, height 50 mm (glue stip height is 30 mm).

Available in different quantities: 10, 100 or 1000 pcs.


Poster-snap 435 mm, plastic. Code: 8060

Plastic poster holder, which hanging loops can be moved to the right or left, if necessary. The holder is suitable for both plain thin paper, laminated sheet or even PVC pocket. It consists of the upper (31 mm) and lower (20 mm) part.

“S” hook. Code: X102100

“S” hooks are for mounting signs or information to connect with each other. Size: wire diameter of 3 mm and a height of 32 mm.

“S” irregular Hook. Code: X102109

“S” irregular hooks are for information boards for hanging. Size: diameter of 2 mm and a height of 74mm.

Vacuum holder with hook. Code: 110140

Vacuum holder with hook for bonding on a very flat and stable surface for banners or/and posters.

Eyehole adhesive. Code: 102401

Eyehole adhesive designed for easy attachment of signs. Affixed to a flat, clean and dry surface. Dimensions 20x 20 mm, diameter 3 mm eyelets.

Poster hanger. Code: 9182058

Material: zinced steel. Color: zinced or powder coated. Suitable for all posters/ pockets with width 400 mm+. The diameter for hooks are 370 mm.

Double hook with spring. Code: X102112

Maximum length is 1200 mm, carrying up to 0.5- 1.0 kg.