Custom-made products

We also create bespoke solutions to meet the specific needs in both design and budget. We will be happy to design customised solutions according to your exact requirements. For personal offer, please contact us.



102200. Metal droplet shaped holder


241222. Infolehe ümbrise hoidik.

7201. Holder for 20mm tube for table.

Candy boxes


241220. Poster cover, hanging

Magnet Stand, Figure 5

Donation box with black acrylic

Donation box (wall mounting)

Donation box with pocket

Donation box 400x400x400 mm


Label rolls holder

Acrylic shoe box

Acrylic lectern for church

Acrylic trophy_4


Control panel cover.

Donation box  455x320x200 mm 

Acrylic trophy

Acrylic trophy_2

Acrylic trophy_3


Donation box with info.holder (A4)

Peetri Pizza (My Kasta)-

Acrylic shelf for wall (w:35cm, step 7x7 cm)

Donation box for envelopes (25 x 35 cm)

Wine bottle holder (wall mounting)

Acrylic pocket with vacuum cups

Acrylic pastry showcase

Donation box + A4 PVC pocket